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African Corporate Football

Building links through the beautiful game

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Healthy Lifestyle

Get off your chair and onto a pitch

Team Spirit

Build Team Spirit and team cohesion through football


Meet new people, make new connections

Amateur Play

professionals by day, amateurs by night - enjoy the game

Who we are

Corporate Social Responsibility is about the employees – change them and they will change the world

CAFCO is the African department of the International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO) - we were born out a need to create a movement to change our sedentary habits through the sport we love the most

Our Values

Stay healthy by being active

Only an hour every week can make all the difference in your spirit, your mind and your body - stay active

Our Values

Team spirit and team building

At the office we all have a role to play to make the company grow and succeed - so is true on the pitch - together we win

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Our Values

Create new networks

Regardless of position, race, wealth, nationality, orientation - on the pitch, we are all equals. We play with our hearts and our spirit, but we connect with our minds

Our Values

Promote Amateur Play

Regardless of background, we all have careers by day - but at night we come out and play the game we love

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